Robinson Bradshaw

MenuForms for North Carolina Probate Attorneys® Version 1.0

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MenuForms for North Carolina Probate Attorneys® is currently not for sale and we cannot provide information available about a future release. Please direct any questions via our support page.

MenuForms for North Carolina Probate Attorneys® is a unique new document assembly program
exclusively for North Carolina practitioners that is powered by HotDocs®. The price is $3,750 for the single user version; $6,250 for the network version for two users and $500 for each additional user license.

The newest MenuForms system, MenuForms for North Carolina Probate Attorneys®, will allow you to efficiently assemble multiple documents commonly used in North Carolina estate administration,
including AOC forms, notice to creditors, petitions and orders, a custom memorandum to the personal
representative regarding duties, an estate deadlines checklist for your tickler system, and various types of
correspondence. Now you can prepare documents in minutes with confidence that they will meet the needs of your North Carolina estates.

The system is entirely menu-driven, not a fill-in-the-variables set of forms or paragraphs, and the
only system designed specifically for North Carolina probate attorneys. MenuForms is comprehensive yet
simple to use. The easy to read screens allow you to craft custom estate administration documents suited to a particular estate by answering a series of questions about the estate.


The following are just some of the documents you can prepare using MenuForms for North Carolina Probate Attorneys®:

  • Estate Deadlines Checklist for Tickler System
  • Memorandum to Personal Representative Regarding Duties
  • Notice to Creditors
  • North Carolina AOC Forms, such as
    • Application for Probate and Letters
    • Letters Testamentary
    • Inventory for Decedent’s Estate
    • Annual/Final Account
  • Other Court Documents, such as:
    • Petition and Order for Extension of Time to File Inventory or Accounting
    • Petitions and Orders for Payment of Attorney’s Fees and Executor’s Commissions
    • Beneficiary Receipt
  • Form SS-4, Application for EIN
  • Correspondence to Clerk, such as:
    • Letter Regarding Filing of Certified Copy of Will in Another County
    • Letter Regarding Changing Due Date for Annual Account to Fiscal Tax Year
  • Correspondence to the Personal Representative, such as:
    • Letter Regarding Commissions
    • Letter Regarding Decedent’s Final Income Tax Returns
  • Transmittal Letters, such as:
    • Letters to IRS and NCDOR Transmitting Estate Tax Returns
    • Letter to Beneficiary Transmitting Check and Beneficiary Receipt
  • Authorization from Personal Representative for Release of Information by Third Parties to Attorney
  • Invoice for Legal Services